Jon Venverloh: How You Can Help Haiti Earthquake Victims

The earthquake in Haiti on August 28, 2021 was a devastating blow to a nation rebuilding, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic and political turmoil across its government. The catastrophic quake in 2010 measured a magnitude 7.0 — August’s event was a 7.2, leaving a path of tragedy and destruction in its wake.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to travel to Haiti on behalf of the Venverloh Family Foundation and meet with local villagers and their families. Knowing just a few of their stories puts last week’s earthquake into perspective even more, and breaks my heart for every mother, father, child or sibling trying to rebuild through their mourning.

No doubt, Haitians will be feeling the effects of this earthquake for years to come, but together I am hopeful we can make the recovery process a little easier for the people there who have faced and continue to face so much.

If you are able, please consider giving to Compassion International, who is sending desperately needed food, supplies and medical aid and personnel to the earthquake victims, made possible by contributions from donors like you. Your prayers and support for both the victims and volunteer staff will go a long way in ensuring recovery as quickly as possible.

Compassion’s team on the ground, alongside hundreds of other organizations and volunteers, continues to work around the clock to get much needed relief to the people of Haiti, especially as Tropical Storm Grace left more damage and flooding in its wake. Together, our donations can help support the people of Haiti and enable volunteers from around the world to continue their good work in the face of devastation.

To read more about the crisis unfolding in Haiti, please view the update from Compassion International: Advisory: Earthquake in the southern part of Haiti