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Jon Venverloh’s Perspective on Crypto Capabilities in Russia

“Using crypto to sidestep sanctions at any large scale will be difficult, though not impossible,” added Jon Venverloh, COO of the cyber-infrastructure company Hypernet Labs that is helping build tools for a Web3 transition. “Blockchain tracking capabilities are advanced enough that it would be relatively easy for the U.S. government…

Jon Venverloh on the Growth of NFTs

Jon Venverloh on the Growth of NFTs
Jon Venverloh, Chief Operating Officer of Hypernet Labs was quoted in Yahoo! on the explosive growth of NFTs. “For a lot of non-crypto people, NFTs can be a first foray into the crypto space and a way to dabble with deeper blockchain concepts without having to learn the ins and…

Jon Venverloh on the Future of Crypto

In a new Bloomberg article, Jon Venverloh shared his perspective on cryptocurrency volatility and its future as markets around the world face uncertainty.  “Federal interest rate policy, inflation, worldwide supply chain shortages, and ongoing global unrest are having an adverse impact on markets of all sorts,” Venverloh said. “Crypto is…